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For over 25 years Duende represents the perfect mix of tapasbar and cultural venue. Starting with the flamenco, we now spread our wings and present a live performance almost daily. Flamenco, world music and Jazz, but also stand-up comedy and storytelling in Spanish, movie nights and theater concepts; we aim to bring new cultural elan to the Jordaan  area!

Tickets available through the link below. It is possible to order food during the show, so there is no additional reservation required for the restaurant.

Woensdag 6 oktober 2021
aanvang 21.00 uur

Simon Rigter and the Simon Osuna Trio

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Zondag 7 november 2021
aanvang 17.00 uur

Bernard van Rossum Quartet
Bernard van Rossum – sopraan en tenor saxofoon
Xavi Torres – piano
Jort Terwijl – contrabas
Joan Terol – drums

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